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Here you are. Your 12 week Strength and condition program that allows you to do your job hug your wife spend time with your family and makes you, not only to stronger but faster and more helpful person as well. Within this program, you will feel like never before. Feeling exhausted and excited at the same time might be a weird thing, but not for long.


After this program, you will radiate confidence in everything you do, whether it’s lifting weights, ordering a drink, playing a sport, buying a car or dealing with a woman. You will be slow to anger and brutally efficient in everything you do. You will perform all your duties with style. Moreover, last but not least, when 12 weeks are gone, you have executed this program in the correct way, and your physical and mental capacity is refined, you will be officially allowed to use word ‘Stondis’ as a title in your email signature.


This is simple, direct, and functional. Every week contains three practices that need to be performed by the end of Sunday evening.

"Take ownership of your future, and start feeling empowered today!"


Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 1

Day 1

Choose your max:


1. Bench press 

     72,5 % x 8 77,5 % x 6 82,5 % x 4 ≤ (4 or more) 


2. Flat DB press 

     2 x Max .reps using same weight (Choose a weight you can get around 20 to 25 reps in first set) 

3. Superset: Seated cable row & Caple triceps pushdown

     a. Seated cable row 4 x 15 

     b. Caple triceps pushdown, by using a straight bar or rope 4 x 15 

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