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Marc enjoys developing high-performance teams enabling companies to accelerate their strategic growth, leveraging agile leadership frameworks, and developing new cultures. He is an expert on strategic leadership and individual & group transformation processes. Marc is a former Senior Executive and a disruptive thinker.

He has mentored and coached individuals and teams around the globe, focusing mainly on deploying strategies in a disruptive way and training teams to develop a growth-mindset culture. The result is the creation of self-autonomous high-performance teams which drive innovative leadership capabilities to accelerate growth.

Marc has +5.000 hours of coaching experience with clients from over 25 nationalities, working with international teams and global challenges. He is passionate about working with ambitious teams and undertaking new challenges that nobody has ever been able to solve before with a human-centric approach. He has also deployed large-scale training programs and short-focus sessions in countries like Japan, India, China, France, Norway, Finland, the USA, and Iceland. You can follow his podcast at

Marc was part of the team that started Santander Consumer Finance in Finland. He has held various Senior Executive positions and started his own companies while mentoring a few others. Startups, M&As, due diligence, strategy, marketing & sales, coaching, and project management are several areas of expertise that have allowed Marc to see the big picture while adding valuable concrete input.

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The Mindset Strategist MST Oy

2017 - CEO & Founder

The Mindset Academy Oy – Growth Mindset ”Think Tank”

2016 – Co-Founder

Santander Consumer Finance Oy 

2007-2014 – Member of the start-up team in Finland

Viva! Wellness Club Oy (Wellness)

2008 - CEO and Co-founder

Training Club Oy (Wellness)

2012 – 2016 -  Co-founder 



The Mindset Strategist MST Oy

2017- CEO and founder 

The Mindset Academy Oy

2016- Co-founder and COO 

TEDx Speakers Coach 

2018 TEDx Helsinki

INNEOX Liberator As

2014-2017 Innovation Liberator & Mindset Coach

- GM Finnish Division

Santander Consumer Finance Oy

2010-2014  D2C Director - Personal Loans, Insurances and CRM

2007-2010  CFO

General Electric (GE Money Oy) 

2006-2007 Black Belt PMO / Pricing Manager (Finland)

2005-2006 Finance Project Leader  (Italy)

2003-2005 Financial Analyst  (Finland)

La Caixa de Pensions (Spain)

2001 -2002 Customer Service




Excellent level: English, Spanish, Italian, Catalan

Good level: Finnish



Masters of Business Administration and Management (UAB)

Global Executive MBA (IESE Business School)

Postgraduate in Coaching and Work Orientation (UOC)

Six Sigma Black Belt Certified (General Electric)

ICAgile Certified Professional - Agile Team Facilitation (ICP-ATF)

Workplace Big Five Certified 

Myyer-Briggs Type Index Certified

Extended Disk Certified

Growth Mindset Master Coach Certified

Firstbeat Certified Provider

Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Coach (ABNLP)

 Hypnotherapy Master Practitioner (ABH)

International Coaching Certification 

Instructor of Hypnotherapy


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Have you been in touch with your talent before… right now?


Some people already know what their talent is, and some will be made conscious of it over the next hours, days, or weeks to come. Some people are born with talent(s), and some discover that they have additional abilities previously unknown to them. How could I know which one of them you are experiencing?


Because fear is the name that opportunity gives to the unknown, and because people experience two main types of mindsets. Those with a “fixed mindset” believe that talent is inborn and cannot be developed. S/he avoids challenges because of how others might view her or him. S/he feels threatened by the success of others and avoids failure at all costs to maintain a sense of worth. S/he gives up quickly and ignores criticism. Those with a “growth mindset,” on the other hand, embrace challenges and learn from criticism, seeing failure as an opportunity for development and a chance to work harder. S/he believes that abilities can be developed. S/he keeps trying and never quits. From out of one of these two mindsets, which begins developing at an early age, a person's relationship with success and with failure is formed. From your mindset, whether it seems fixed or not, a path can be drawn to reach your full potential and peak performance. 


We should keep in mind that perception is projection. What we carry inside of us, our thoughts, feelings, values, and beliefs, is projected out onto the world around us. In other words, our external world is a reflection of our internal experiences. How then does your unconscious seem to know more than your conscious? If it's like a movie projector that reflects the film onto the screen, then you probably know more about it than you think you do. The fact that you are here today, visiting this site and taking a look at this text means that you are one step closer to starting your journey. Moreover, this will happen as soon as you continue reading. However, before we start, there is a straightforward step you must keep in mind to guarantee that you make success inevitable. 


The only thing I am going to ask you to do is to keep an open mind that you might get more than what you are expecting. To do that you’ll have to keep your imagination at work, and that will require for you to suspend your judgment and open the path to your unconscious mind. Exactly what you did when you were five years old and were daydreaming, waiting for that Christmas Eve to arrive or were playing with your favorite superhero as if s/he was there. That’s right. What about becoming a 5-year old kid again for a while?  


Moreover, remember, our mind is like a parachute: it only works when it's fully opened.


Tel: +358-505-764 208


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