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The Growth Agents Program


Lead Transformation Processes From Within.


Defeat Your Biggest Challenges From Within

Accelerate your company's growth by developing your team of Agents.

Our program will train them to support your strategy implementation in a disruptive way.


Our Growth Agents Program (Train-the-Trainer) equips your selected agents with the right tools and mindset needed to succeed with the execution of your strategy.

After the program, they will be able to facilitate the:


1- Creation of the needed sense of urgency to inspire others.​


2- Implementation of your strategy in an innovative way from within.


3- Generation of a Growth Mindset culture to enhance collective learning.

Develop You Future Today Anchored With Passion

Future Today

To succeed and create sustainable and innovative solutions, it's a must to drive the transformation process from within and go beyond the traditional top-down, problem-solving approach.


A Growth Agent will spread a shared vision that is ambitious and will inspire others to facilitate transformation.


The result: an innovative growth mindset culture ready to cope with uncertainty, unpredictability, and insecurity in a volatile and complex world. 


The Anatomy of the Growth Agent 

A Growth AgentTM will share the long-term vision, will inspire others and facilitate the transformation towards a growth culture;

while having a high understanding-level of oneself and others.


Facilitating Skills:

How to work with challenges and creativity.

Coaching Teams Capabilities: How to enable others for growth.

Communication Skills:

How to envision and communicate with passion. 

The Growth Agent

Jean V. - Senior Vice President 



"Working with Marc as a coach and mentor allowed us to open new doors and explore options out of our comfort zone. Innovation is more of a mindset than a tool or a project, and to implement a new way of thinking in an international company is not always easy.


Marc created the sense of curiosity in our company so we would find the right answers by ourselves, and gave the needed tools to make our growth sustainable and driven by ourselves. This has accelerated our strategy execution capabilities, as well as given us the needed tools to create a successful future."


Tel: +358-505-764 208


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