Jean V. - Senior Vice President 


"Working with Marc as a coach and mentor allowed us to open new doors and explore options out of our comfort zone. Innovation is more of a mindset than a tool or a project, and to implement a new way of thinking in an international company is not always easy.


Marc created the sense of curiosity in our company so we would find the right answers by ourselves, and gave the needed tools to make our growth sustainable and driven by ourselves. This has accelerated our strategy execution capabilities, as well as given us the needed tools to create a successful future."​​

Marc P. - Director European Forest Institue


"Marc’s charismatic and compelling attitude to life is his best credential for inspiring others to follow their leadership instincts".

Trudi V. - Global HR Director  


“What a journey this has been! And it isn’t over yet.


For me, the sessions and learnings from Marc have really made a difference – both personally and professionally. Every single day I am reflecting on and using techniques that I have achieved from him. Being able to broaden my learnings and skills regarding interview techniques and observation methods are vital when recruiting people. These are great assets in coaching sessions so that trust can be built. The facilitation methods give a great opportunity to getting all involved by asking questions and suggesting different options.


The link between individual growth, team strategic growth, core business development and innovative development has been a key for me and was really enlightening to learn about. This is also of importance when preparing for interviews and coaching sessions in order to find and develop people with a growth mindset.  


The sessions with Marc shows a high level of experience in being a leader, developing people, motivation, coaching, and facilitation. A highly trustworthy approach.


I am really grateful that I have been given the opportunity to be part of the sessions and all the learnings I have gained and to see what huge value this impact has had for both me and the rest of my organization. Keywords that can be used; trust, involvement, empowered people.”  

Annie V. - Segment Manager


“I was fascinated by the diversity of knowledge that Marc thought me. He was able to open my eyes to new learnings. I've been through many different trainings in my career but I found that Marc’s sessions were bringing the learnings together as tools in an applicable and strategy oriented way.


Marc doesn’t play the “know it all guru”, he practices and excels at what experts publish and teach. Putting it together in his own personal approach. Known and new developments in science, mentoring you through the process.


Changing the way we do business is not an easy task. Marc was there to support me in the issues I faced, teaching me to trust and try. Fail and learn.


A true journey!”  

Lars-Arne S. - General Manager Europe


"Working with Marc has been a challenging and very exciting journey. It is hard to accept that the biggest untapped potential is your own mindset, but very rewarding when starting doing something about it.


You will never get the easy answers but will be passionately guided, challenged and motivated to take the next step. The impact on our organization has been massive, innovation culture is growing day by day and we are ready to take on future challenges and opportunities in a totally different way than in the past.’’

Mirka K. - Training Manager 


"I’ve been working with different trainings for over 10 years now. Marc Siles’ philosophy and methods were something totally new I had ever heard before. My experience of this retreat was groundbreaking to me and I feel now that my whole mindset has changed in a good way. 


This retreat took me closer to myself and I feel I can hear my own voice again. I have found a way to relax and let go. I can only highly recommend this. You can find out how it suits you only by experiencing it by yourself."

Gestur P. - Plant Manager


"The short version is that the culture transformed in such a way that we are now solving challenges in a more effective manner than before with real economic results and higher job satisfaction levels. In addition, the teamwork has improved significantly through eliminating bottlenecks in human interactions. Working with Marc is an extremely positive experience. His approach has allowed me to develop both as a professional and as a human being.


As a highly task-oriented person, the process was challenging in the beginning. However, as we progressed further it came clear to me that Marc was making sure that our learnings would be anchored by real-life experiences & challenges. As such these have become learnings for life and a strong foundation for real changes."

Gary H. - Regional Asia Director


"On a personal note, my involvement/interaction with Marc’s life coaching has helped me to discover so much more about myself, and with this an understanding/belief that the way I interact with others is what makes me successful.



Marc’s ability to articulate the subtleties of understanding what others are really saying has proved invaluable when interacting with customers and staff alike. I would highly recommend others (via Marc’s coaching) to learn how to REALLY listen, and see things from multiple perspectives."    

Ikeda-san - Vice-President


"The balance of theory and practical training was extremely good. We were not buried in the theory and we could focus on a pragmatic approach to our company's strategy. It was quite helpful to review what we are and where to go.


Marc's passional, energetic coaching was really impressive, and the most of us were so motivated to go ahead. Not forced to do, but leading us to the place where we should be. It is so effective for Japanese peoples, however, Marc's flexibility will adapt to your country, your culture. In this regard, I recommend having his coaching."

Sunny W. - Plant Manager 


"Lots of added value by using Marc's services. The most impressive coaching practice that we were trained to use. It gave confidence that this will work. Having the work based on our actual strategy convinced us that he's helping us "in our shoes". The understanding of unconsciousness potentials and other tools used helped us communicate better with others which directly contribute to developing company cultural implementation and growth mindset. The tools we use to develop innovation were quite interesting, like Z-MBTI, 15min problem solving, horizontal mapping-idea generation...


Marc is very skillful. I thought he's close to us because he put some our cultural things into his courses. The most admirable thing is that he connects very well with cerebral, psychology, personal character, and innovation. He leaves the space for you to dig out and find a way to develop by yourself. You'll never feel learning enough because he has many "secret boxes" which give you good clue to use or think, like "5 folders for cognitive dynamics model", "golden circle of leadership development. He uses words said by some famous philosophers or psychologists to reflect what he said in courses. He's got a good sense of humor and flexible to be with. He used a lot of pictures which made training colorful."

Einar P. - Asia Director


"Developing and growing a company successfully is hard work and never easy. The biggest value he has added to our process has been their way of addressing the challenges and focusing on people and peoples mind. Their way of creating curiosity, interest, and confusion combined with using tools like stretch Goals, pulled us out of the traditional paths and led to new ways of thinking."

Overall Experience Feedback from Participants

Overall Experience Feedback


- What I enjoyed the most was learning how my beliefs influence my actions, and learning that I can change my beliefs. The framing tools and technique are as well really neat.


- The ideation session and how to divide projects more down, I have been using it since I got back from Bergen :) I also enjoyed my stay in Barcelona and learned a lot about myself and others I'm working with on daily bases


- It changed me in a way that I got a new way of thinking. I am now more aware of other peoples personalities, and my own.


- I have learned some new things about how to work with innovation and also quite a lot of the MBTI which I have not dealt with before. It is interesting and I think I can use it to better understand other peoples preferences.


- The Innovation Program has changed my perspective on how I communicate and react to the people around me.   I am a better person and a leader after the program.


- It is easier to attack projects since we learned to divide them into smaller tasks (the ideation session) Be more open-minded and take people like they are. And believe in me :)


- I got deep insights into how I am as a person, what is my true vision, and what part goals I need to work With to run in the direction of my vision.


- The MBTI and personal development have inspired me and this can be taken into the work with a team. It has also given more insights into innovation and innovation processes. It opened my mind.

Jeni X. - Marketing Manager   


“It was a wonderful journey by joining Marc's sessions. When I fully get involved/enjoyed with Marc’s coaching, it did help a lot with the personal mindset, and perspectives of looking at things will be different and more diverse. Marc is an excellent mentor and friend, he never tells what to do and how to do but always beside you on better understanding and find the path to get out of the messes.


I do appreciate his help with my personal growth, to be a better me, to better enjoy both life and work.”  

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