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Ensure the setup you need for success.


Bring focus to your strategy execution by gaining the needed insights 

Our Strategy Execution Sound-Check is a diagnostic exercise turned into an active future-design workshop. The primary purpose is not to assess the quality of the strategy or its content, but how ready your organization is to mature towards the next level.


It's critical to understand how your employees engage and share the ambitious purpose, the strategical vision, and the execution path. Your teams can achieve much more by setting the basis towards success together and shaping the initial steps towards a culture of high-performance achievers


During the initial phase we will assess via interviews and digital tools:


1- The strategy engagement & level of collective ambition.



2- The implementation capabilities, agility & focus on growth initiatives.



3- The cultural innovation & growth mindset capabilities.

Future Today

Agility and collective learning into your strategy execution



1- Diagnosis 

& inisghts


2- Sound-Check workshop

Action Plan.png

3- Action plan delivery


The Sound-Check Workshop takes place after the initial diagnosis phase and is delivered together with the leadership team and a selected group of key players. 


During the hands-on session, we’ll create the space to generate dialog and adding value discussions to bring awareness on a common perception of the starting point and how far the team wants to go, emphasizing your ambitions and growth perspectives.  


This exercise will bring the organization a concrete execution plan and clarity on the path towards a sustainable performance to succeed today, tomorrow and in the years to come. 

Lead by creating your future today levering your key players


Which are the enablers that will unlock the potential of your burning growth platform? Where can you make a difference versus other players? Moreover, how can you develop capabilities to generate the winning Growth Mindset culture needed?


Those are vital questions, which a collective-learning environment of high-performance teams is capable of answering at any time. This type of company goes beyond a defined way of thinking.


It also defines the attitude to look always for growth opportunities in the company, keeping a high level of curiosity to learn, optimism to make sure one sustains the journey of failing and learning and finding new ways to approach challenges in an innovative way. 

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The Growth Agent

Jean V. - Senior Vice President 



"Working with Marc as a coach and mentor allowed us to open new doors and explore options out of our comfort zone. Innovation is more of a mindset than a tool or a project, and to implement a new way of thinking in an international company is not always easy.


Marc created the sense of curiosity in our company so we would find the right answers by ourselves, and gave the needed tools to make our growth sustainable and driven by ourselves. This has accelerated our strategy execution capabilities, as well as given us the needed tools to create a successful future."


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