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Strategy AccelerationProgram

Innovate By Working With Your Strategy

The Future

 Implementing The Mindset Your Ambitious Strategy Needs

How are your employees making a difference when working with your strategy, working with continuous improvement and an innovative mindset at the same time?  Is your company results-driven, but the results don't seem to solve your ambitious strategical challenges? By deploying the Strategy Acceleration Program in your company, your teams will be able to internalize your strategy and learn how to influence it by developing the needed habits effectively. It will be then when the obtained results are aligned with the expected ones.


There is another way to develop your organization than with traditional training, extrinsic incentives schemes, and KPI's based control systems. A breakthrough approach where your employees will go through hands-on experience, working with your strategy as they develop the needed mindset and skills to have an impact at work from day one focused on objectives and key results.


We'll help you develop the Mindset your company needs to succeed in a sustainable manner, and make success inevitable. 

The Mindset

Creating A Sustainable Transformation 


Our program strikes directly to what's the main source of your company's performance and results. This goes beyond the tools and techniques the participants will learn in order to see problems as opportunities and turn each challenge as a source of learning and growth. By the end of the program you will have: 


  1. An organization alignment towards an innovative and compelling strategy

  2. A developed cultured keeping the core and stimulating the new behaviors which generate results.

  3. Motivated employees who possess the needed new mindset & skills (resilience, confidence, and solution focus) 

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  • Developing a sense of direction, ambition, and trust in the strategy, the team and oneself to find opportunities outside the comfort zone. 

  • Enhancing your existing capabilities by keeping the core and stimulating progress with and updated tool-box. 

  • Driving towards the needed transformational change to develop new habits and ways of thinking and step into the innovation zone. 

Turning Purpose Into Performance

We experience a growth mindset culture in an environment with self-motivated employees that proactively engage together with the strategy, share a common vision, and adapt & develop as the future emerges. The main purpose is to develop an innovative growth mindset corporate cultures with the capability to solve any challenges the future holds


Our program is built around our blueprint, the Growth Mindset Framework. When combining your ambitious strategy in the core together with our program, you will experience as a result of the balance:


  • An ambitious, shared vision to strive for, with employees actively engaged in the creation of the desired culture.

  • Employees that have confidence in their teams and the strategy and celebrate success together.

  • Autonomous high-performing teams with “built-in” interdependencies to achieve their goals, incentivized for cross-functional collaboration, and supporting each other’s goals. 

  • Proactive employees with a high level of self-belief, ownership on self-development, and a daring growth mindset attitude.


The main secret resides in how we develop High-Performance Teams which are driven to achieve ambitious goals together and are responsible for them. It's then when they will share a common vision to strive for, and interdependencies to achieve it. During our Growth Mindset Program, the participants will develop those abilities as they work with the company's strategy and learn to solve challenges in an innovative way. 



Book and information call now to hear more about how our program can support your growth.

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Program Structure & Core Framework


Trudi V. - Global HR Director  



“What a journey this has been! And it isn’t over yet.


For me, the sessions and learnings from Marc have really made a difference – both personally and professionally. Every single day I am reflecting on and using techniques that I have achieved from him. Being able to broaden my learnings and skills regarding interview techniques and observation methods are vital when recruiting people. These are great assets in coaching sessions so that trust can be built. The facilitation methods give a great opportunity to getting all involved by asking questions and suggesting different options.


The link between individual growth, team strategic growth, core business development and innovative development has been a key for me and was really enlightening to learn about. This is also of importance when preparing for interviews and coaching sessions in order to find and develop people with a growth mindset.  


The sessions with Marc shows a high level of experience in being a leader, developing people, motivation, coaching, and facilitation. A highly trustworthy approach.


I am really grateful that I have been given the opportunity to be part of the sessions and all the learnings I have gained and to see what huge value this impact has had for both me and the rest of my organization. Keywords that can be used; trust, involvement, empowered people.”  


Tel: +358-505-764 208


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