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Meet Your Coaches

FindYourself Retreat

An Exclusive Life Planning Experience

12th -14th of October - Well-being Center Kaisankoti, Espoo




Marc trains, coaches, mentors and trains leaders and management teams around the globe, focusing mainly on deploying strategies in a disruptive way, growth-mindset development, and building innovative leadership capabilities to accelerate growth and transform corporate cultures. He is a former senior executive and is passionate in undertaking new challenges that nobody has ever been able to solve before with a human-centric approach.


Creating new cultures which trigger the wished behaviour to reach ambitious goals, that’s how he spends his time helping teams in China, Japan, India, USA, Canada and Europe to develop those wished self-sustainable environments. Originally from Spain, he has also lived in Italy, Sweden, and Finland. 


He has over 12 years of experience in Consumer Finance and has been holding Senior Executive positions for over ten years.  Marc has also started his own companies in the wellbeing sector while mentoring a few others. Startups, M&A, due diligence, strategy, marketing & sales, coaching and project management are several of different areas which have given Marc the ability to see the big picture while adding valuable input to these critical action items.



Ruth is a qualified psychologist with 14 years of experience, with permission to work as a psychologist in Finland granted by Valvira and a member of the Finnish and the Spanish Psychological Associations.


She has expertise in a variety of fields and experience in transmitting knowledge to different audiences. Some of the areas in which Ruth has been working during the last years are immigration, multiculturalism, racism, gender violence, empowerment of minority groups, creativity, stress management, conflict solving inside the work context, inter-group or intra-group cooperation methods in the workplace or communication skills.


Ruth is also interested in a broad variety of topics connected to health and well-being, promoting the development of creativity and flexibility, which results in a beneficial outcome for both the individual and the company or organization.

Ruth has experience in working with private companies, public institutions and the third sector. Sometimes individuals contact Lin privately aiming to improve their performance at work and other times companies or organizations take that initiative. Lin has experience helping clients working for such organizations as Helsinki University, HUS, YLE and Nokia.



  • Masters of Business Administration and Management (UAB)

  • Global Executive MBA (IESE Business School)

  • Postgraduate in Coaching and Work Orientation (UOC)

  • Six Sigma Black Belt Certified (General Electric)

  • Myyer-Briggs Type Index Certified

  • Growth Mindset Master Coach

  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Coach (ABNLP)

  • Hypnotherapy Master Practitioner (ABH)

  • Instructor of Hypnotherapy




  • Master's degree in Psychology from Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain)

  • Specialization on Cognitive-behavioral therapy in Centro Ellis of Madrid (Spain)

  • Different pieces of training on trauma, self-regulation, mindfulness and self-acceptance.

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