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Are you seeking for a deeper connection with your inner dimension, a stronger sense of purpose and the understanding of how your thoughts, consciousness and mind are connected to your wellbeing? Then this is the retreat you have been waiting for.


During the FindYourself RetreatTM you will:


1- Renew your life-plan.

2- Develop your behavioural flexibility to enjoy your experience of life.

3- Connect with your inner-dimension to turn your dreams and inspirations into tangible, real-world results and confidence. 

4- Improve your level of self-awareness and self-acceptance.

5- Accomplish more, stress less with a calm mind.


After many years working with teams and companies all over the world, this retreat finally reaches Finland. The experience will be limited to only 10 people. Make sure you get your ticket before they run out! Click here to buy your ticket now.


The FindYourself RetreatTM will take place at the Wellness Manor Kaisakoti in Espoo. We will start on Friday the 12th of October at 16:00 and finish on Sunday the 14th at 16:00. The price for this Retreat includes:

  • Ticket to the exclusive FindYourself RetreatTM

  • Accommodation for 2 nights at the Wellness Manor Kaisankoti (you are expected to stay overnight at the location).

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner during the duration of the retreat.

  • All materials and personal profiling reports.

  • Exclusive access to a library of resources for continuous development. 


Get now your Early Bird launching price with the full package for only 750 euros including VAT if you buy your ticket before the 15th of September (price after that date - 950 euros ).


During this exclusive life planning experience, we will start working together to develop your growth mindset for smoother anxiety and stress management and increase your wellbeing. These initial steps will be the key to create the needed space and calmness in your mind to start working on your renewed life-plan and achieve unity with yourself and others, so that you turn purpose into performance. So get ready to start your inside-out journey and strike at your roots and reach towards your full potential, your true self. 







Marc & Ruth


Annie Villeneuve, Canada

I was fascinated by the diversity of knowledge that Marc thought me. He was able to open my eyes to new learnings.Marc doesn’t play the “know it all guru”, he practices and excels at what experts publish and teach. Putting it together in his own personal approach. Known and new developments in science, mentoring you through the process.

Gary Hawkins, Australia

On a personal note, my involvement/interaction with Marc’s life coaching has helped me to discover so much more about myself, and with this an understanding/belief that the way I interact with others is what makes me successful.

Marc’s ability to articulate the subtleties of understanding what others are really saying has proved invaluable when interacting with customers and staff alike. I would highly recommend others (via Marc’s coaching) to learn how to REALLY listen, and see things from multiple perspectives.

Trudi Vagene, Norway

For me, the sessions and learnings from Marc have really made a difference . I am really grateful that I have been given the opportunity to be part of the sessions and all the learnings I have gained and to see what huge value this impact has had for both me and the rest of my organization. Keywords that can be used; trust, involvement, empowered people.

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