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Course Structure:

Phase 1 - The Discipline Of Success Introduction

Phase 2 - Grounding Your Journey

Phase 3 - The Discipline: Bringing focus and commitment

Extra Materials - Additional Inspirational Blogs, Audios, and Videos

Phase 1 - The Discipline Of Success Introduction

A Personal Note From The Author

This audio course is based on a chapter from the book "The Discipline Of Success: a guide to transform, innovate, or simply improve your performance and life" to be released by summer 2020. 

We are bombarded daily with an overwhelming amount of emails, different requests, calls, and many tasks to take care of. Where should we focus our time and energy? To experience success, wellbeing and peak performance it's critical to understand which are our priorities and make sure that they are in our agendas. The rest can wait.

Find out more about Marc here. Big thanks to Ruth Franco for her support to record this first edition. 

A personal note from the authorThe Discipline Of Success
00:00 / 13:37

Chapter I:

Part 1 - Welcome to the course

Part 2 - Introduction to the Discipline of Success

Chapter I Part 1 - Welcome to the courseThe Discipline Of Success
00:00 / 05:18
Chapter I Part 2 - Introduction to the Discipline of SuccessThe Discipline Of Success
00:00 / 02:41

Materials Folder:

Download your PDF Booklet before continuing (only available from a computer). If after a few seconds you cannot see the 3 files to download below this text, send an email to and we will send you a personal link to download them.

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